Maintenance manual

Driving shaft

  • Remove both covers,
  • apply small quantity of grease using a brush on the spindle and sliding surface,
  • re-attach both covers back.
  • Lift the roofing system up and let it move down again to spread the grease uniformly
  • to avoid the roofing system damage, apply grease four times a year.


  • Remove motor cover,
  • grease the chain according to the specification below,
  • re-attach the motor cover back.

Recommended grease

Use acid-resistance greases only. Do not use graphite-based grease.

Lubricating spray

Only use sprays that are liquid and solidify in the air.

For example: Würth HTS + teflon Art. Nr. 893 128    Loading capacity in lowered position: 85kg/m2

Safety precautions:

Nobody must be swimming in the pool and stand on the roof while opening or closing.

Maintenance instructions

Maintenance instructions for download (PDF) (3,48MB, pdf)